What’s in your bag Barracuda?

We got in touch with Barracuda of the Cincinnati Rollergirls and had to ask her what was in her roller derby bag. So far this is the biggest bag we’ve seen. Not sure what that says about Barracuda and I refuse to make a joke about a lot of baggage.

What’s your name and number? Barracuda #19

What’s your derby date of birth? July 2004

What’s your primary position on the track? ALL UP ON YA, blocker

What league are you a member of? Cincinnati Rollergirls

What can you tell us about your skates? I got my skates when I decided to be ‘serious’ about derby, about 1.5 years after I started. I got them from Sin City. They are 595 boots, reactor plates, bones bearings and heartless wheels (in the case). My backup wheels (on skates) are old atom omegas. I use some powerdyne toe stops that were given to me. I recently had to completely replace the strap on the right boot. I fashioned a new strap using state of the art duct tape (the same stuff Mouse uses for toe guards) and pieces of sticky velcro.

What’s your newest piece of gear and why did you get it? Triple 8 shiny black helmet with new sweatsavers, because my old one was too obnoxious.

Derby Nickname? Cuda

What’s your favorite drill to run? I like drills that get me in real close to my teammates. I also like really evil endurance drills.

How many times a week do you practice on average? With my team twice, on my own 2 – 3 times per week.

Any major injuries and how did they happen? Years ago I had a PCL tear from falling after getting blocked in the back by some dang rookie idiot.

What’s the oddest thing in your bag right now and why do you have it? Voo Doo doll (shown wrapped in blue for Nashville <3 last weekend) given to me by a zombie named Phillippe who lives by the ocean with his large Harem of freak nasty women. I soak it in Hat-0-rade and mostly use it to curse the team that I am playing next.

What is your current favorite item in your bag and why do you love it so much? My new mouthguard. I love it because it was made by a teammate and it fits so much better than my old gigantical one. (Both shown side by side.)

What skate set up do you use for your home track and describe your venue? I use harder wheels on our polished concrete floor at the Cincinnati Gardens. It is the raddest venue because they played derby there way back, the surface is great, the locker rooms and facilities are IDEAL, and we F*&%KING PACK the place! Our fans are so loud and really into the game, they really get us pumped to kill people.

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