Suzie Smashbox

What's in Suzie Smashbox's roller derby bag.

What’s your name and number? Suzie Smashbox – #91

Derby Nickname? Suzie

What’s your derby date of birth? 2006

What’s your primary position on the track? Jammer

What league are you a member of? Minnesota RollerGirls

What’s your newest piece of gear and why did you get it? I can’t even tell you what I bought last. I should really get myself new everything and I keep telling myself I will…. Guess I have attachment problems. I even re-grove all the wheels I love instead of trying new wheels. Wheels and bearings aside almost everything I have is what I started with in 2006.

How many times a week do you practice on average? Our league practices three times a week. I try to workout outside of practice at least twice a week.

Any major injuries and how did they happen? I fractured my spine but don’t exactly know how it happened. I didn’t really figure it out until we got home from our bout and I couldn’t move my arm. I went to the chiropractor thinking they could just adjust me and I would be better. It took a little bit more than that. That was definitely my worst and most time consuming injury but I have also broken my thumb and cracked my clavicle.

What can you tell us about your skates? They have been broken and fixed time and time again and I still can’t part with them. They always seem to break mid-tournament too. My plates snapped in half in a tournament in California. That was amusing because nobody, including myself, could figure out why every time I tried to get up I just fell back down again. I actually tried to put on another pair of skates and finish the bout but couldn’t really do much on somebody else’s skates so it was very entertaining.

What’s the oddest thing in your bag right now and why do you have it? There is nothing in my bag that I consider odd, but running shoes probably seem to be out of place in there. I keep an extra pair in my bag for when we do running at the start of practice. Nothing like showing up to practice in flip flops only to find out you are running stairs or running some plyometrics. That is a mistake you only want to make once.

What is your current favorite item in your bag and why do you love it so much? The cut off sock I wear under my shoulder brace. Such a simple thing but it saves me from so much velcro burn.

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