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Messy's Bag
What's in Messy's Bag?

We were able to hook up with Messy who skates with the Oly Rollers and ask her to show us the contents of her skate bag. We are always looking for roller derby skaters from across the world to dump out their bag for us. If there’s a particular skater who you’d like to see the contents of their bag then please leave suggestions in the comments below.

What’s your name and number? Messy #10

Derby Nickname? Jory

What’s your derby date of birth? 2010

What’s your primary position on the track? Blocker… so far

What league are you a member of? Oly Rollers – Bella Donnas

What can you tell us about your skates? They’re Sure Rebel package skates. I got them from Fastgirl in Seattle- an absolutely awesome shop. They’re definitely starter skates, but they’re a major step up from the original Roller Derby brand art skates I started with!

What’s your newest piece of gear and why did you get it? I just picked up the gumballs and the zodiacs– I bought Rebel package skates in October that needed some upgrades is the toe stop and wheel department :)

How many times a week do you practice on average? At least twice. I always want more but class gets in the way. Yeah, that stupid college thing, dragging me down.

Any major injuries and how did they happen? None from derby yet

What’s the oddest thing in your bag right now and why do you have it? A bag of mixed nuts, probably, because once I went to practice and got really, really hangry (anger caused by hunger) and I never wanted that to happen again.

What is your current favorite item in your bag and why do you love it so much? My custom mouth guard! My teammate Vicious Abbilicious gave me the hookup and it’s so comfortable.

What’s your favorite drill to run? Suicides. They’re brutal, but I need the practice!

Describe your home venue? We practice and bout at Skateland in Olympia- it’s a small rink with a sticky wood floor. It smells a little funny, but we love it!

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