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August 2011

Apex Jump

Apex Jump Question

Firstly, love this photo by Masonite Burn from RollerCon. It’s a photo of Team Awesome vs Team Sexy but not exactly sure …

R3 Birthday Cake

R3 Cake

Nobody got me a roller skate birthday cake for my birthday but @saff_s sure did. actually got an R3 birthday cake! can’t …

Screen Shot 2011-08-16 at 1.01.36 PM

Derby Gear Saved My Brain

Here’s a great video created by Dolleface DeVille explaining how her safety gear saved her brain. Yup, mouth guards aren’t there to …

Screen Shot 2011-08-09 at 4.59.51 PM

Hamish And Andy

Not sure who these guys are but cute to watch them squirm as these roller girls take turns jumping over them.


Latest Rankings

With almost no separation from #9-#24, Philly moves up and Minnesota moves down substantially after their close game in Philadelphia and most of the other teams in that area shift a few spots.


Atom – Stinger Slims

If I were married to Stinger Slims, I don’t think it would end happily. They’re so light, I’d feel fat. They’re hub …

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WFTDA Rules App

WFTDA just released with Spenlen Media a really cool iPhone and iPad rules app. This is a really great idea and the …


Atom – Poison Slim

Grip is the word of the day with Poison Slims. They’re INCREDIBLY grippy.  As such I’d totally recommend them to fresh meat. Let’s face …


Come Get Your Nuts

July is over and now it’s time to see who is getting a free set of Astro-Nuts. We picked one gear commenter …

Riedell - 125 Skate Boot

Riedell – 125 Boot

I am a small-statured skater. Junior sized, in fact. There are certain things some folks can take for granted, like having the …