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June 2011


Thanks for all the Spankings

Oh Derbytron. Thanks for keeping us all in the rankings after the craziness that was ECDX. Too bad for our hosts dropping …


Our New Favorite Tumblr

Our new favorite Tumblr is Fuck Yeah Roller Derby Otter. Words of roller derby wisdom is always better coming from an otter. …


Having a PJ Party

I still haven’t made it to a RollerCon yet but since Riedell’s throwing a PJ party I’m going to look at getting …


Roller Derby Nerd Alert

Hey all you roller derby nerds out there in roller derby land. Now we’ve got to start collecting roller derby girl figurines. …

Screen shot 2011-06-01 at 10.28.49 PM

WFTDA Just Keeps Getting Bigger

WFTDA welcome eight more leagues into the fold. Babe City Rollers, of Bemidji, Minnesota Cape Fear Roller Girls, of Wilmington, North Carolina …