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April 2011

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Take away my derby name?

So…. The Charlotte Speed Demons have decided as a group to no longer use derby names to keep the game family friendly. …


Late April Derbytron Rankings

Boston moves up ten spots to get back in the Top 25 after winning in Maine. Plus, another week and another Top 10 team finally plays some games, KC drops a couple spots after beating Nashville and Atlanta.

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Roller Derby Classifieds

For about two years now I’ve been running a website called but I’ve decided to close DERBUY down today. DERBUY was …


Adding Outdoors Wheels

With the warm weather approaching we’d like to take this time to add a bunch of outdoor wheels to our skater reviewed …


I Need Carpet Skates

Is the problem I’m speechless or it’s just too early in the morning but I need these Carpet Skates. We could have …

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WFTDA Gender Policy Finalized

Today WFTDA released it’s finalized gender policy and it breaks down like this. If you’re living as a women and you’ve got …


New Astro-Nuts from GRN MNSTR

GRN MNSTR has been bringing the roller derby world some great new gear as late. Their more recent launch of ANTIK Skate …

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CNN Does Roller Derby

CNN just posted this video of Gotham and they did a fantastic job. This is definitely one to post around the interwebitudes …


A Real Spanking

Just had to share this one. That Scarmen Hellectra of the Minnesota RollerGirls in the rear but I’m not sure who the …

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Getting closer to the perfect game

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association has publicly acknowledge that they are currently beta testing …


Latest Rankings from our Derby Overlord

Charm City moves up ten spots to #11 after dominating in London at the Anarchy in the UK and Cincinnati sails into the Top 10 after a big win over Fort Wayne.

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Jump it up with Quadzilla

As part of the Derbalife “Skate Faster Challenge” Quadzilla is doing a series of short videos to help make you a faster, …