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January 2011


Radar – Zodiac

I’ve had a set of Zodiacs that I won for almost a year now and I’ve been lending them out to needy …


My top 7 tips for fresh meat

Found these words of wisdom on Twiggie Smalls tumblr page and there are some real gems here. Thanks for sharing your derby …


What’s in your Bag – Juno

We stopped Juno It’ll Hurt at practice the other day and made her dump out her roller derby skate bag so we could see it’s contents. Let’s see what’s in Juno’s bag and as always send us your suggestions of roller people’s whose bag you’d like to see emptied on the track.

Screen shot 2011-01-13 at 11.29.29 AM

Minors Suck

Going to take a second to pimp another blog. Tank just wrote an excellent post over at Roller Derby Inside Track on …