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November 2010

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The Derby Earth

Word to the Derby Helper for setting her life aside and making this wicked Derby Earth. Very similar to the map we …


Poll – What’s your prefered wheel width?

Just got to thinking about what type of wheel most roller derby skaters are using for derby lately. I’ve always been a big fan of the skinny wheels because I think they give you more control and maneuverability but where does everybody else stand.


Radar – Tile Biter (31mm)

I took these wheels out for the first time last night at practice. I grabbed a set of the black (92A) thin …

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She Almost Made It

I’ve got no real info on this video so help me out. All I can say is that I hope she recovers …

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Bearing Press 101

You just got your hands on a bearing press and you’re asking “How do I use this thing?” and I got your …

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2010 Rankings Chart

Our ever present Derbytron has blessed us with this awesome graphic that shows every WFTDA team ranking over the whole of 2010. …


GumBall Toe Stops

The folks over at GRN MNSTR Roller Sports are launching these GumBall toes stops designed specifically for roller derby girls. I don’t …

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Every League Mapped

Someone has a bit too much time on their hands but I also find this map fascinating. Is your league on the …


Derby Deeds Podcast™ – Episode #29

Another new Derby Deeds is available for download. In this episode join the cast plus Dumptruck; a special surprise guest discuss all the excitement; fun from Uproar on the Lakeshore

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All Derby Drills

I’ve been keeping my eye on this new site call ‘All Derby Drills’ and they’ve been doing a great job of adding …


2010 Final Rankings – November 8

The Great Derbytron has updated his rankings following the Uproar. I know there’s going to be a lot of griping so I’m just going to get this started like they do over at DNN. “IT’S AN OUTRAGE!”

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Slow Derby Sucks

This just came across my desk and while I support the message 100% I’m a bit amazed at the quality of the …