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October 2010


Derby Deeds Podcast™ – Episode #27

If you haven’t been listening to Derby Deeds Podcast then you need to start. I’m going to start posting when they have new episodes so you don’t forget to listen. This week Kendra Blood, Frenchie, Speed Bump, Sara Problem join the show to talk about B-TEAMS!

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I Just Gotta Dance

I guess if you aren’t going to play roller derby you might as well dance it out. Looks like this was a …


5 Roller Girls Is All It Takes

The Babe City Rollers from Bemidji, Minnesota, captained by Olive Mayhem and Piece Maker, brought 11 skaters to the Rolling Along The …

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How To Remove Your Bearings

In this video I’m going to walk you through how to remove your roller skate wheel bearings when you don’t have a …


How NOT to Impress a Roller Girl

According to the Associated Press 28-year-old Nathaniel Lombardo of Marietta, Georgia drove to upstate New York to locate a women he hadn’t …


Atom – Lowboys

Having never actually skated on these wheels before we here at Queen of the Rink don’t feel right reviewing them but if …

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Kiss My Asphalt

Here’s a fun little short sci-fi film featuring the girls and refs of Gotham.


2010 Rankings – October 19

We here at Queen of the Rink would like thank our benevolent derby overlord for blessing us with his October Rankings. All-Hail-Derbytron. It’s never an outrage with Derbytron


Sadistic Sadie Just Got Sentenced

This just in from the Cincinnati Rollergirls… Today, our friend and teammate Sadistic Sadie was sentenced to 30 months in prison after …

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How To Change Your Wheels

The second in my series of videos aimed at helping freshmeat become a better rollergirl. While changing your wheels might seem very …

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Roller Derby Half-Times

I know I’m pimping my own league but here’s a short fan video of the Minnesota RollerGirls‘ Season 7 opening bout ‘Return …