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September 2010


How’s Your Desktop

Come across a couple of cool roller derby wallpapers for you computer desktop.  Just thought I’d be a nice guys and share …


2010 Rankings – September 21

The All-Knowing Derbytron speaks but nothing really seems to change before Derby in the Burbs except for a big bump for Salt City.


Radar – Speed Ray

We haven’t had time to write a review for this wheel yet but please leave your comments and ratings on this wheel …


That’s a bruise

We have a winner of the Best Bruise Ever award.  I doubt Blow Ann Emerson of the Cape Girardeau Roller Girls will …


Atom – G-Rods

The company known as Atom, formerly Answer, formerly Matter, took the derby world by storm when they offered the G-Rod. The G-Rod …


Let’s All Get Leid

Like we really needed to scrounge to find a reason to go to Hawaii in January.  Leid on the Track is a …


2010 Rankings – August 31

It is our proud honor to welcome The All-Knowing Derbytron to the Queen of the Rink. We will be working with our …


Jam City Rollergirls Preview

The Jam City Rollergirls video game was debuted this past weekend at PAX.  PAX is basically a giant nerd-fest that focuses on …

Clog Skates

Vintage Clog Skates

Too bad these vintage 70’s platform roller skate sandals aren’t in my color.  I’m really more of a summer palette, and $174 …


Fantastic Derby Fabric

I just came across this kick butt roller derby fabric on and it sure is swell.  I think I might need …


New Juke 2.0 and Juke Alloy

Atom Wheels’ new Juke 2.0 and Juke Alloy are ready for pre-order.  I’m still searching to find out if the Alloy is …


Suzie Smashbox

What’s your name and number? Suzie Smashbox – #91 Derby Nickname? Suzie What’s your derby date of birth? 2006 What’s your primary …


Lone blocker on the track!

Welcome to the situation. Sadly, the Jersey Shore got to this phrase before we did, but we like the name…so screw ‘em. …