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DNN is Dying…

Just heard the news that DNN is shutting down. Thoughts?    


Atom Wheels – BOOM

Atom Wheels just announced their BOOM wheels. I’m not sure if it’s all caps but I feel like it needs to be. …


Radar Wheels – Presto

Radar just announced these wheels. They come in both 59mm and 62mm and are 38mm wide. They have a two piece hub …

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Yeah for Math!

WFTDA just released it’s latest rankings for the first time using math instead of member votes. Yeah for math!

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Video – Riedell Skates

A small look at Riedell where a lot of our skates come from. I like the comment about the wild colors being …

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Video – Talk Derby To Me

There’s a link going around today from both NPR and MSNBC about bacteria and roller derby. That article is pretty lame. All …

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DVR Alert – Hawaii Five-0

Yup, More roller derbys on the TVs. Guess what. Someone needs to go under cover in the roller derby to solve a …